College Staff

The college has an excellent team work carried out by teaching and non-teaching staff. The following are the list of the staff members. All the departments in the college have experienced and fully qualified teaching staff. Teacher in addition to their teaching duties, supervise and guide the various extra curricular activities. Every effort is being made to develop personal contact between the faculty members and the students. Students should feel free to approach their teacher in order to seek guidance.


Sr. No Faculty Photo Date of appointment Designation Teaching Subject
1 Dr. Mrs. Snehal S. Donde
M.Sc, (Zoology). Ph.D. (Zoology) P.G.D.E.M, MBA (HR), M.E.M, Ph.D (Management)
11/06/2016 Principal • Foundation Course
• Environmental Studies
• Human Resource Development
• M.Sc Oceonography
2 Mrs. Pooja Pankaj Dodhia
11/06/2011 Asst. Professor • Cost Accounting,
• Financial Accounting,
• Accountancy & Financial Management.
3 Mr. Shaikh Aswad
M.Com, SET
05/06/2017 Asst. Professor * Export Marketing,
• Commerce Paper-I
* Business Economics
• Business Law
4 Mr. Yogesh Prabhakar Pawar
27/06/2017 Asst. Professor • Business Economics
• Commerce Paper II
*Banking & Accounting Sector
5 Mrs. Ranjeeta Durgesh Singh
B.Com, MMS( finance)
05/06/2017 Lecturer *Business Communication
*Commerce Paper
*Human Resource Management
6 Mr. Sanket P. Nakhwa
M.Sc. (Zoology), (Endocrinology)
19/06/2018 Lecturer Foundation Course III Environmental Studies
7 Ms. Purvi Praful Dodhia
Visiting Lecturer • Certificate course in Basic Accounting & Tally
• Mathematics & Statistical Techniques


Sr No. Name Photo Date of Appointment Designation
1 Mr.Surendra Shrikant Warik
11/06/2016 Senior Clerk
2 Mr. Suresh Lalbahadur Kuushwaha, D.C.A.
Accountant (Part time)
3 Mr. Pratap Eknath Chonkar
01/10/1993 Supporting Staff
4 Mrs. Kamal Shamrao Suryawanshi 07/02/2000 Supporting Staff
5 Mr. Vijay Raghunath Chavan 01/09/1999 Supporting staff
6 Mrs. Vaishali Amar shalunkhe Supporting staff
7 Ms. Priya V. Ubale 26/06/2018 Jr. Clerk