Every college / institution affiliated to the University of Mumbai shall set up WDC at college level to implement these directions in general and to dead with complaints or cases of sexual harassment in particular in relation to the college/institution provided that if any such is in relation to the management / Principal / Member of the WDC . the office of the WDC shall be located in the college / institution shall be the custodian of all the records of the cell.

Composition of WDC :-

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mrs. Dr.Senhal Donde Chairperson
2 Mrs. Fauzia Ansari Convener
3 Mr.Sanket Nakhwa Member (Teaching)
4 Mrs.Kamal Suryavanshi Member (Non-Teaching)
5 Mr. Roshan Mundhra Student Representative
6 Mr. Chirag Parajapati Student Representative
7 Mrs. Nisha Bhanushali Student Representative
8 Mrs. Ruchika Jain Student Representative

The WDC shall meet atleast twice every academic year and the intervening period between two meeting shall not exceed six months. The quorum for any meeting of the WDC will be 50% of its members. If the quorum is not present at any meeting it shall be adjourned for half an hour and shall proceed with those who are present and the proceedings of such meetings will not be challenged on ground of quorum.


1) To ensure implementation of these directions in the college.

2) To process all the individual complaints concerning sexual harassment that may be received from person and take suitable action thereon in the manner.

3) To implement the programs for the spread of awareness of women Right as may be formulated by the women development cell.

4) To exercise such powers and perform such other functions as may be conferred or imposed on it by / under these directions.

5) The management of the college / institution provides all the necessary assistance for the purpose of ensuring full, effective and speedy implementation of these directions.

Ragging Committee :-

1. Orientation about Ragging to the students

2. Counseling to the students by Psychologist ( Guest lecturer ).

3. Monitoring the students about discipline in the college

4. Making UGC student charter about Ragging.

Grievance Committe :-

1. Orientation to the students about grievance committee.

2. Installation of suggestion box to give complaints and suggestions.

3. Proper Mechanism ( Format ) For filing Grievance.